Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chore Time!

So my favorite new way of cleaning is blaring good tempo music with catchy lyrics. Dishes are so much less of a chore when you are singing and dancing while holding a sponge. Day 1 of this involved a collection of favorite Country songs and some hardcore pots and pans scrubbing. I found something buried in the pile that can only be described as an evil science experiment gone wrong. Day 2's soundtrack was Kings of Leon's "Only by the Night." There is no foreseeable end in sight for this record currently. I attacked my kitchen again and it is a thing of beauty. Me and my spray bottle of bleach went to town on every surface in the kitchen. Now it's pretty again :)
I also got outside today and moved some plants around and have planted two more antique rose bushes from cuttings off my grandma's rose bush and mine. Hopefully they survive and fill up the front of my house with sweet roses.
This evening was spent with friends and some shopping! After 6 sales on etsy (thank you Lord) in the last 3 weeks I was able to pick up a couple new shirts that are super cute and will be the basis for reviving my flagging summer wardrobe. I'm working on losing the extra weight that I have. I'm a little too fluffy right now. 20-30lbs lighter and I will be very happy. That would put me in my 'healthy weight range' and at the thinnest I've been since junior high. I really want to get thin to feel great this summer and to be healthy before possibly having another baby in the next 2yrs or so.
How is it that sleep can be so elusive? I would really like to go to bed and sleep, but I can't capture sleep. I had the same problem last night. I only got about 4hrs last night and I am a 10hrs of sleep needed kinda gal. Hmmm... thundering outside again. We got rain and a light thunderstorm last night. It's really good for my gardens which are doing pretty well. My little tomatoes are starting to flower which is very exciting because Alan has really been craving tomatoes.
Other random stuff:
I like the shows Justified and Legend of the Seeker. I like Legend for it's medieval type setting and storyline. I like Justified because of the main character, plots, snarky scripting and the main character.
I want to learn to play electric guitar. I play acoustic, or rather once played regularly. Now, It is more a fading knowledge. I think I'm going to really pick it up again and work on learning theory and notes, not just chords.
My oh so pretty, takedown style greattree archery bow should be arriving in a few short weeks. I'm super excited about that and can't wait to begin practicing and learning the sport. My very awesome hubby bought the bow for me almost a month ago and it was out of stock so we were put on a waiting list. It is going to be such a fun sport and one that will also build my arm muscles. I hate weight lifting so that is a large bonus.
Projects this week:
Cleaning out the office/craft room... again.
It seems like everytime we get one of the rooms clean the crap gets moved into another one. So the solution is quite simple--get rid of the crap. Alan and I attacked our bedroom a couple days ago so it is now very pretty and decorated in a minimalist fashion. We just need to paint. And fix out ceiling fan; 2 of the 3 have gotten the pull cords messed up and we may have to replace the entire fan(s) because of it.
We will be having a garage sale this weekend with our good friends. It will be work, but fun.

I think I'm going to try to read some Jane Austen and chill the heck out so I can sleep.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Good Day to You!

I've done a little writing over here today and hope to have regular "Seller of the Week" posts for FAM members.

Today will be spent cleaning house. My bedroom is the point of incursion today. If I can take that room and secure several loads of clean laundry, my day's campaign will be complete. :)
I'm also just getting into Jane Austen's Emma and will post a review once I finish it. I'm also going to try to get in a little sewing today. I have dreams of a twirly skirt in my fun vintage material that is inspiring my current Rosette Collection that is debuting this month on Etsy. I'm also being inspired by my antique Rosebush that is beginning to bloom. I have vases of fresh roses in my house every day :) Such a sweet fragrance.

Good news also is that thursday and friday were spent painting my bathroom walls and vanity. My wonderful hubby is going to tile the vanity top for me as the paint didn't want to stick very well. He is off tomorrow so I have hopes of window shopping at Lowes for tile ideas.

My parting thoughts for the day are this: What does your home say about you?
Is it clean and comfy? Is it well managed? Is it a place of refuge for your family? Is is a great place to be, but also a work in progress?
I am in the work in progress category. By no means perfect, but still pleasant and a place we can enjoy.
Embrace your apron!

And off to the Battle of Clean Bedroom (it'll show up in the history books soon. An epic battle between the Apron and the evil Dust Bunnies holed up under IKEA bed Mountain.)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Car Washing with Papa

Yesterday Alan got off a little early from work and needed to wash his Chevy Corvair. So Redding and I helped.

But Redding liked dropping the sponge in the bucket more than helping :)