Friday, July 29, 2011

Curtains for My Room

I went to Walmart today in search of curtains for my room. Specifically This.
My mom has this shower curtain in her bathroom and it is EXACTLY the color theme of my room. Now my budget for curtains is very small. So, I was hoping to find this for a reasonable price and buy two of them for the wonky sized windows in my room. One window is about 58" x 67" and the other is 36" x 50". Weird, right? I wanted to go with full length curtains hung at the same height (which the windows aren't) to give the illusion of uniformity. I planned on leaving the one full size and cutting it into two panels, and taking about 25"  off the edge of the other and leaving that one as one panel because the window is so dinky. The extra 25" was going to be used to make accent pillows. I don't know if you can see it in the pictures, but the curtains have little tuxedo-shirt-style pleats at the top and bottom, super cute detail! When I got to walmart, there were two in stock, but they were $25 apiece. Not ready to spend that much on curtains that will not fit any other window.
So plan B. Make curtains. Going to cost about $30 for simple muslin curtains with some grossgrain ribbon accents at the tops. Meh.
So Looked at what was available and saw these.
Boring, traditional, but the right color and $10 for the whole setup. That's right. $10. Too good to be true? Naturally. So I buy two of these sets and get them home.
Here's the part where I should mention we live on a busy street and our room faces east. Bleh! We're night owls and do not want to be wakened by the sun (or screaming children, but that's unavoidable.) So I used some fabric that was given to me that is decorating fabric (super thick) and in this shiny brown/gold/redish paisley pattern. Not very pretty. But great for lining windows with. In my office, I lined the windows with this fabric on tension rods, and then put pretty curtains I made over top. If I want to brighten up the room, I just tie back the lining, and the curtains are thin enough that light shines through them very well. So I repeated the process in my room.
Ok, so... Ugly but functional fabric underneath, hang up white curtains with attached valance, and.... too small. Seriously, the dimensions on the package said they would fit my windows, but what they didn't tell you is that you MUST do the look in the picture as each panel is only 27". Grrrrrr.....
So I have repackaged those and put them back in the bag to return. By the way, I don't like returns. But whatever. Live and learn. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Started looking online and, lo and behold, the shower cutain I wanted to begin with was only $16.00 online at Hurray!!! I couldn't believe it. I just placed the order for those and will be picking them up when I make my return! So excited! I'll post some pics when I get them in place.

Check out Honey&Fitz for some great ideas on using shower curtains for window curtains. I just Love the chunky striped yellow and white curtains. I did look for some espresso/white striped curtains for my room, but no luck. Will remember for future use.

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  1. So smart to look at shower curtains for regular curtains- never would have thought of that!


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