Monday, September 5, 2011

Wyatt's Bucket Hat

Coming in just under the wire on this one :) Sewing the hat up as we speak.
My reason? I'm officially in my new sewing room/office tonight! Using it for the first time, and loving my peace, quiet, and organization! It's a beautiful thing.
Pics of the hat(s) and my new sewing room on the way!


And here they are!!!

We used Wyatt's hat at the park the next day and he loved it! It worked great at keeping the sun out of his face and Redding thought it was very silly :)

I really like how lightweight it is. I used good ole Walmart cotton camo print and solid black fabrics with medium weight iron-on interfacing. It provided a good amount of shade without making Wyatt hot like some of his other hats do.

 A note on the construction:
I realized that for this project, cutting with the grain of the fabric does make a difference. My camo fabric was a scrap left over from Redding's Fourth of July pants last year, and I squeezed the pieces onto the fabric however I could to make them fit. When I was piecing the side and top together, you have to cut notches into the side to make it fit the top. Because I didn't follow the grain, I got some funny stretching action, and a couple wrinkles while sewing. Nothing too obvious, but noticeable nonetheless.

I followed the grain when cutting out the black fabric for the inside of the hat and I had a much easier time piecing it together.

He has some room to grow in it which is great. Now I just have to make Redding one, and then all my boys will have matching hats. Alan has the real deal that he got at boot camp years ago. I might sew some molle loops on Redding's hat to make it look more like Alan's.

I loved sewing up this pattern. It was wonderful. The books instructions were very clear and made perfect sense. I only changed the sewing-by-hand part to sewing on the machine. Twas easy. 

Looking forward to the backpack this month!

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