Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Putting a Zipper in a Pillow

We were at Goodwill last week and while turning down an aisle, Redding started shouting, "A Thomas! A Thomas!" And on top of one of the clothes racks (I always forget to look up there because it's above eye level for me) was a fleecy Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow. Redding wanted it so bad, and after a glance at the price sticker I threw it in the buggy. $0.99. Heck Yes. The day before we were at Target and they had some Thomas pillows for $20 and $30. So Hurray for thrifting!

The Thomas pillow had a couple white milk spots on it and it was pilling a bit on the black parts. But it was in good shape otherwise. I decided to make this pillow into a zippered slipcover so I wouldn't have to worry when it gets dirty or something gets spilled or peed on it (which will happen). I ransacked my stash of zippers and found a 20" white poly zipper that was perfect. The pillow is 17" across, so I just needed to shorten the zipper.

I started by ripping out the seam in the top seam of the pillow where I wanted the zipper to go, and threw away the old stuffing.. I washed and dried the pillow inside out. With the pillow still inside out, I backstitched over the ends of the original seam at the left and right of the pillow and sewed around the corners and in across the top seam by about 3/4" to give the zipper somewhere to anchor.

I pinned the zipper in place where I wanted it to go and basted it in place using black thread so that I could see it easily. I took out the pins hen and unzipped the zipper so I could sew in the zipper without the sliding part of the zipper getting in the way.

With the pillow right side out, I used my zipper foot to secure the zipper down each side, and then handstitched the ends of the zipper in place. Move the gliding part of the zipper out of the way while sewing. Cut off the excess zipper at the tail end and melt the edges of the zipper with a candle or lighter so it doesn't unravel.

I mentioned the black felt parts of the pillow had pilled, so I used my scissors and carefully cut away the pills. I cut a bit too deeply on one part and left a little bald patch in the felt, so I touched it up with black sharpie and no one's the wiser. I used one of Redding's bed pillows and stuffed the pillow with it.

And Redding was very happy :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Day at the Park!

The weather here in Florida has just gotten cool enough that it's enjoyable to go to the park during the day. Hurray! That means I get in two miles of bike riding exercise to the park and back, and the kids get to run and play and get all that energy out. Well, Redding runs. Wyatt laughs at him while sitting in the swing. He's big enough now to sit in the baby swing. I'm going to make him a cover for it asap though. I've got some ideas and will post my finished project soon I hope.

The LTTS Backpack is  BIG hit around here! Redding quickly warmed up to it and now asks to take his "pack-pack" everywhere he goes. It's very helpful for us because he tucks a couple books and small toys into the backpack, and I can stick my keys, cell phone, camera, and an extra diaper and wipes for Wyatt in there when we head to the park. And of course his juice cup in its special pocket :)

It worked perfectly to tuck the backpack in front of Wyatt while he was swinging and he was held in place from rocking too far forward. It also gave him something to chew on while watching brother run around :) The hanger strap was soaked with slobber by the time we got home :)

It was a very fun day. And now home again, home again, jigitty jig... Wyatt was pooped out from all the excitement :)

And a special thanks to my very sweet friend Debby who gave me the bike trailer! We love it! Even if we don't make it all the way to the park (like today when it rained on us halfway there), the boys still love a bike ride.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Redding's Backpack

Here it is! Redding's LTTS Backpack.

I used the lining pieces to make one solid front instead of the pieced front. I scavenged the zipper from an old american eagle sweatshirt that Alan doesn't wear anymore. It was the perfect color yellow for the backpack and I saved some dinero.

I added a pocket in the inside and one on the outside. Redding's not sure what he thinks about it yet, but once we throw some toys and books in there, I'm sure he'll love it :) He's attempting to destroy life on earth right now, so I'll be back with some more action shots later.