Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Weekend, Lazy Day

My flowerbeds now have pretty gold mulch, I have the landscape timbers to finish building my vegetable and butterfly gardens, I went grocery shopping for the week, and I'm pooped out today.

Here's pics of my new flowers! I have Pentas and Periwinkles.

My herbs are coming along quite well. I can't wait to have my first cup of chamomille peppermint tea! As I relaxed yesterday I made a lightweight neutral colored crochet scarf. It's long enough to wear any way.

You'll need:

~2 skeins of medium weight yarn (I used about a third of each of Red Heart Super Saver Colors 0334 Buff and 0316 Soft White)
~size K crochet hook

Row 1: Starting with the darker color, loosely chain 17. Double crochet one in third chain from hook and continue Dc across in each chain. (15 Dc). Chain 2. Turn.
Row 2: Dc in first Dc from hook. Continue across. (15 Dc). Chain 2. Turn.
Repeat row 2. Stop when you have 10 Rows.
Pick up 2nd color at the end of row 10.
Use new color for rows 11-20. Alternate colors every 10 rows. Continue on until your scarf is about 7ft long (each color segment is about 6") or until you have the desired length.
Tie off. Weave in ends.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's going to be a day of fun things for sure!

It's Friday, one of my favorite days of the week. My house is passably clean and I have fun things to do. I'm working on an order on Etsy to change a girl's jeans into skirts

and I have some silly projects I'm working on too. Pics to come soon.

I also have a huge order of faux fur wraps to sew up for a wedding. I'm so blessed to be able to stay at home and sew to earn mad money :)

Besides that I've got all of my gardens to weed, water and grass to mow.
My dad will hopefully be able to help me get mulch and lay it out tomorrow so I have to have everything else done today. I don't really deadlines, but that's ok. And at the end of the day my little guy is going to bed and I'm having a girls' night out. Yay! Better get started!