Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just keep Digging

Sunday and today were productive days for me. I measured out my new garden fence with string for accuracy and dug four of the five post holes.

I covered the post holes with pavers to protect them until we can sink the 4 x 4's. I couldn't dig the last post hole because the temporary garden is in the way. But that's okay, because we will be installing the other bed first so I can move the plants and dirt into it.

When I couldn't work on that anymore, I moved on to my viburnum hedge that will outline my patio. I was able to get the 2 foot sections of brick border buried along the existing side. They have extra dirt around them right now to help them settle, but I will hose that off and there will be about two inches of brick above ground. I prefer it to be a bit deep to help keep our weed-like grass from taking over the bed. I relaid the brick around the palm to be even with the others, and I removed the grass and dug the trench for the new side of the hedge.

It was a lot of digging.

Monday was rainy and I couldn't do any work, but today I was able to get back out there and lay the brick border for the new side of the hedge.

I'm thinking about extending the hedge all the way to the garden fence and leaving roughly a four foot entryway to the backyard. I think it would frame out the backyard and give a sense of definition to the patio area. If I do this, I would like to plant two foxtail palms on both sides of the entry. They grow fairly quickly and would frame the yard better and also give some shade to the patio in lieu of a porch or arbor. This is the view from the backdoor.

I need to run the decision by my husband and get his opinion on the matter. The third section of the hedge, should we decide to do it, would have to happen after the garden is finished since the hedge would interfere with construction of the picket fence.

Until, next time, just keep digging!



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