Sunday, March 22, 2015

Simple Clean Composter

I finished my compost bin!

It measures 2'x2'x3' high. I pieced it together with scrap wood and painted it white to bring it all together and help it blend with my urban backyard.

I made the lid by attaching 3 pieces of 8"x24" wood together. The lid can be lifted off the box when I need to add materials.

I made a hinged door on the bottom front of the bin to pull out the finished compost without having to move the box. I keep the bricks in front of the door since I haven't installed a lock yet and critters occasionally try to get a free meal.

A big part of this composting is done by Vermicomposting with Black Soldier Fly larvae. They are in most compost bins in Florida and will devour just about anything, even regular composting no-no's like meat and dairy. They don't appreciate lots of vegetation or brown materials like grass clippings or paper though.

I add some of this material anyway to balance my finished compost and help with the moisture retaining ability of the compost. Brown materials also help control any odors that may develop. I also occasionally add scoops of dirt from the yard to add microorganisms that help in the breakdown of materials.

I've tried lots of different styles of urban compost bins and so far, this is my favorite. I'll keep you posted on what the finished compost looks like.


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