Friday, March 27, 2015

Quick Update on the BSF

I am happy to say that after checking my outdoor been this morning and again this afternoon there are literally hundreds of black soldier fly larva happily munching away on the kitchen scraps. This means that the millions of gnats that were swarming the bin are now gone within just 48 hours of the BSF being visible in the bin.You can just see a pile of the segmented bodies of the larvae here.

This is my kitchen scrap collector. Whenever it gets full or stinky, I take it outside and dump it in the bin.

I like that it has locking clamps on the sides. It keeps any undesirables from entering the box, but it is also very easy to open one-handed. I'm guessing it is about four gallons in size. I usually keep it slid under the kitchen table out-of-the-way, or tucked next to the red worm bin in the cabinet. Since I do not have any chickens or fish that would eat the pupae of the BSF, I'm going to let them figure out their own way out of the box and not worry about collecting them. There are always lizards hanging around the composter, so I am sure that they will be happy to eat whatever pupae climb out of the box. I may see about sourcing some spoiled breads and produce from the grocery store to beef up the bin. After adding material to it for probably 3+ weeks I haven't even filled it to the first board which is 11" high.


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