Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Coasters

I can't believe Fall is here already! It doesn't quite feel Fall-ish yet to me, but I am getting in the mood with this project I made for the Celebrate Color Crochet category.

These adorable little crochet coasters were so fun to make! And my favorite projects are the short and sweet kind-this definitely qualified. I made them in Red Heart yarns worsted and sport weights (did you know it's Red Hearts 75th Birthday this year?). I wanted a couple different colors in the worsteds, but hey, they're coasters and use scraps of yarn by comparison to other projects so why buy more yarn. (I know, ANY excuse to buy yarn is a good one, but you haven't seen my collection...)

I sketched out the designs by looking at pics on google of the items I was making: an Acorn, an Apple, a Pumpkin, and a Leaf. I tried to keep the shapes about coaster size and measured them against our cups to make sure they fit.Then I perused my stash of yarn and grabbed a selection. I crocheted them by chaining my base chains the with of the bottom of the pattern and single crocheted up adding or decreasing at the ends of the rows as needed to match the pattern size. Or in the pumpkin's case, I made a loop of 3 chains and worked rows out until it was about the size of the pattern. I made most of the stems and leafs separately and stitched them on with a yarn needle. The most important part was outlining the finished pieces in chain stitches to smooth the edges and complete the look.

For the Leaf (it's a light golden color, but looks tan in the pics), I chain stitched the grey/tan stem with 3 rows of chains on top of each other. I left a long tail and stitched it to the Leaf then sewed the vein pattern by catching little bits of the gold yarn so that it would stay in place, but not be overly obvious.

The Acorn is probably my favorite. I really like how the shape turned out. This stem and nut part are made in the sport weights and the cap is made in worsted. Didn't make much difference honestly.

Redding was a good help by keeping my company while he worked on his "drawing." Stickers, colored pencils, and glue. What more could a 2yr old ask for?

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