Friday, July 8, 2011

I finished a Quilt!!!

 I'm super excited! After only about 3 nights working on it, I finished my quilt! But before the reveal, Here are some "work in progress" photos...

 I decided to rotate the directions of the striped fabric to make it a bit more interesting. I worked in rows based on my sketch so that the blocks ended up where I wanted them. I was able to put the quilt top together in one night and I used a temporary adhesive spray to keep the pieces sandwiched together without pins so that I could quilt it. This worked wonderfully compared to using straight pins on my last quilts. I used a high loft polyester batting to make the quilt puffy almost like a comforter and a black flannel backing. I quilted the the quilt in a "stitch in the ditch" method, or, well, I tried to anyways :) Quilting on the machine is the hardest part for me. It's difficult for me to hold onto the bulk of the quilt and fit it all bunched up on the machine when quilting the center. Anyone have any tips for this part of the process?

I made my own binding using the extra flannel from the backing. Since this quilt is for my son, I wanted the back to be softer so I used flannel, even though the quilt top is just regular cotton.

So here it is! Redding really liked it. He was very excited to have a "Thonas comet" (Thomas blanket). I have no idea why he calls blankets "comets". But he sometimes likes to pick his own words for things, but changes eventually to what it's actually called. 
 I really enjoyed making this quilt and am thinking about what patterns I want to use to make Wyatt's quilt in.Oh, the finished size is about 40" x 40". It's a great size for Redding's toddler bed.

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