Monday, March 26, 2012

Loving the Primaries

This Little Lovely is a Yellow Honey Dew Melon. I was in the produce section at Wal-Mart and this guy just spoke to me in keeping with the bright Primary colors trend of late. I couldn't help myself. And he was only $1.50. That was also cool. Boy, oh, Boy was it tasty! I threw it in the fridge when I got home and the hubby and I enjoyed it as a late night snack later. It had the consistency of  pear. A little crunchy and oh so sweet with a random tart bite here and there. Melons truly are my favorite fruit. Watermelons being the very tippy top of my list by a wide margin. Nothing, and I mean, nothing compares to a icy cool watermelon on a hot July afternoon. Common Watermelon Season!!!

Moving on...

 This is my Scalloped Curves Class quilt. Me and the boys had fun picking out the colors at the quilt shop. It is a baby size quilt, but I didn't need a quilt of that size at the moment (I know, blasphemy), but I did need a skirt around the vanity in my guest bathroom that's getting a facelift right now. Why am I redoing the bathroom that is actually painted and halfway decent when there is another bathroom in need of TLC, my boys bedroom that needs painting and decorating, AND finishing up the organizing in my Craft room all waiting for my attention??? I don't know. No Idea. Well, maybe this had something to do with it...

I had a gift certificate to the local quilt shop (!!!!) and after picking out all the prints for the quilt in my master bedroom, I had money leftover. So I snagged up some Animal Party Too that I have always loved and decided since the plumbing is now fixed (yay!!!) in my master bath, I could officially turn the guest bath into a fun place for the boys. Now that Wyatt is old enough to sit in the bathtub and play with Redding, the boys have spent MANY an hour splashing in the bubbles lately. And while I was sitting in there with them, the urge to fix it up overtook me. I was powerless to resist the call.
Just like I was powerless to not come home with 3yds of this fun flower print from Ikea on my birthday.

I can't wait to show you the full photos of what i used it for. It makes me happy. It's not a print I would have normally grabbed of the rack, but seeing it hanging in panels with the tree print (I'm kicking myself for not buying some of that) all over the store made me want to buy it. It looks so much better hanging than folded on a bolt.

And finally...

After making this for Wyatt, I just had to make one for Redding too with the leftover fabrics from his quilt. Tre Scrappy No? I used the para-cord that Alan bought for me at the army-navy surplus as the drawstring and some goofy red sparkly ancient Christmas fabric for the lining.

And because I got to this step of creating much too late at night, I was taken by the idea to do FMQ on the two panels of the bag thereby needing to sew it together with French seams. I don't know. I just don't know. In the end it worked out ok, and I squared of the bottom corners of the bag like a tote with a bitty 1" seam and tacked the resulting triangle excess down to the bottom of the bag.

I'll give it to Redding with a little something inside on Wyatt's birthday in April when I give Wyatt his bag. Why on Wyatt's birthday? Well, when we were little, Mom always got each of us a little present on our sister's (sisters'? sister's's? I have two sisters) birthday. It was nice to not feel forgotten while still enjoying celebrating a sister's birthday. I think I'll continue the tradition with our boys while they're young like Mom did for us. So, for a first, I already have some of the birthday presents ready A WHOLE MONTH in advance. I also got all the stuff for Easter baskets at the store yesterday. Mwhahahaha! I'm so on top of things right now!!! Don't worry. It won't last long. Those statements/thoughts tend to jinx me.

Funny story: While leaving the house yesterday, I was walking down my hall and turned to go into the kitchen. I wear glasses so I don't have a full range of vision. Case and Point. I turn to go into the kitchen and from beneath my glasses I see something large and black charge my feet. I know what this thing is even though I can't see it. It's another $)&%#$ &^$%&*( ROACH. As previously stated, I don't have little Roaches in my House. No. They are all BIG OLE 3" suckers. Tonight I saw a little one at about 2", but that's not the norm. So the thing charges me and I have been trying to wrangle children out the door and am already fit to be tied, I've got Wyatt on my hip and I start dancing because as you know, I've had these suckers run across my feet before, and It's just not pleasant. Redding starts laughing at me and telling me "mommom's so silly! It's a big ole (which sounds like bagel when he says it) bug!!!" Then I realize I have to kill it, so I start stomping around like made trying to see where it went, and I thought I got it, but because I was looking underneath the bottom rim of my glasses the floor is blurry, and I must've missed it. A furious search ensues, but the bugger escaped. I throw the kids in the car listening to Redding asking me "Mommom get the dead bug?" Bugs are referred to as dead in my house even if they're still alive, because it's only a matter of time before they're exterminated with a shoe.
Just like that 3" roach found out when he was waiting on the wall of my shower for me in Round 2. But my big strong shoe wielding Man was home then. HA HA! Dead Bug.

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