Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Garden Update 2/10/15

The peas are really coming along nicely. Since I tied them up to a bamboo pole they have shot up and started producing. They couldn't climb the 1" pole by themselves so I used some cotton string to bunch the whole lot together and lift them up to the pole. That was all the help they needed.

This is from, I think, my second batch of seeds. These are peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes. Some of these will go to my dads garden as soon as they're grown out enough.

All these close up shots look nice enough, but let me be honest and give you the full picture of what I'm working with.

I have my work cut out for me before I can call this backyard finished. I'll give you a little tour of what I plan to do. Right in the middle of this photo is my Floridaprince peach tree. It was one of the only things I asked for for Christmas and my love bought it for me. That's love :) Anyway, on the left of the patio I have a sweet viburnum hedge started. I'm going to continue that hedge to 2/3 thirds of the way around the patio, about to where the doors are and I will outline it with red brick edging and mulch. Of course everything is in need of a general pressure washing and the back of the house will be stuccoed and painted. A variegated Aribicola hedge will go behind the palm. I will also put in a conversation piece Azaela hedge in the shaded side of the AC unit and under the overhang where the mower is. A 3'x6' cedar raised garden will be in front of the Palm to the edge of the AC unit. The L shaped raised bed will be remade with cedar and turned into a U shaped bed with a 6'x8' outline. Between these two beds I will have 58 sqft of growing space. I want to hang a window box under the kitchen window and a hanging plant shelf on the wall where the mower is parked. On the back side of the shop (the building with the vinyl siding), I will be cleaning that area up and planting a tall hedge of some kind. We don't use that door and would like to simply hide it and make it inaccessible. The tall wood box on the same side is my outdoor compost bin and I still have to paint it and make the lid for the bin. In the far right corner of the yard, I may put my two firebush plants. They're rather unruly and need some space.

So there you have it! Now if only I had unlimited resources I could have this done tomorrow. But that's not how things work. So for now, I will just keep on keeping on.



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