Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rethinking the Palm

Yesterday, I carefully looked at my Spindle Palm tree and realized that the roots seemed to be going too close to the foundation and that the next set of leaves it sent up (which are already shooting up) would put it right into the eaves of the house. And I'm betting the palm would win the fight against my roof. So I made the executive decision to move it to be the corner of my patio viburnum hedge. The next 2 hours of work were spent prepping its new home and the really long hard part was spent removing the stinker. I will tell you what. That dude didn't want to budge. It took me and Redding and Wyatt to finally tip it out of its hole, then Redding had to stand on the shovel to create a fulcrum by which I could get it high enough to drag it up and onto the patio. The base of this tree was so heavy I couldn't lift it. And I don't bench press, by I carry around a 18lb baby all the live-long-day and throw bags of mulch like nothing. So what I'm saying is that bad boy was HEAVY! Anyways, tada!

It may not look like much in this picture, but sitting at that table, I can really see the bones of the landscaping coming together.


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