Tuesday, September 15, 2015

One more Guild Idea

We finally got the yard bushwhacked back to just about normal after over a month a neglect. As we all know, crap happens, and the back yard just didn't top the priority list. Or it did, but it was raining since this is the rainy season. Needless to say, our backyard was up to my hips and we could have easily lost children back there. People outside of FL just don't understand the maintenance required to keep a lawn from returning to its wild native field-like state. It took a couple hours and involved a riding lawnmower, a push mower, a couple rakes and a shovel, but, finally, we have a backyard again.

All that to say, I can show some picks of where the first guild will go. I was thinking about the peach guild again and am considering combining the peach and banana guild for two reasons. 1. (Maintanence) It would be less work to have only one guild (for now) to water, fertilize (naturally of course) and to mow/weed whack around. 2. (Aesthetics) It would look a bit more suburban and keep with the overall design of the backyard.

It is definitely simpler, but it may be a really good starting place.

As you can see, I probably overestimated the space between the swing set and the peach guild in my previous designs. Here is the tree with my baby bananas and mulberry bushes. You can where I went ahead and scorched the earth so to speak with my lawn mower in preparation for mulching under/around the swing set. I am sick to death of this area getting taken over by grass and weeds and wasps and wolf spiders moving in as a result. I have to check for wasps every single time they want to play on their set and then there is the constant weed whacking around the base of the swing set. Ain't nobody got time for that! So I'm laying weed block and mulching the area.

Since I'm mulching that area, why not go ahead and connect it with the peach guild so there is just one large thing to drive the mower around and weed whack every couple weeks. Would be much simpler to my thinking. And it would keep the yard more continuous instead of looking like there are a bajillion little mulch islands all over the place. And the bananas would grow fast and help screen out the neighbors behind us. All about privacy we are.

So this is the idea I'm going to present to the hubby and see what he thinks. We are a team after all, and he is the one who usually does the mowing and weed whacking.


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