Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pre germinated seeds

The results are in on my seed germinating experiment.

Rattlesnake beans had a 100% germination rate of the 8 seeds.

The Amish Pie Pumpkins had 3 of 4 seeds germinate though the one that didn't show a root was plump and in good condition so it may still germ in the garden.

The corn had less than half of the seeds germinate. I have a theory on why this is: my corn seeds were treated seeds and after some research I believe this may shorten the shelf life. I purchased the seeds in early 2013 which makes them almost 3yrs old. This really isn't a long time for seeds stored under good conditions, but with treated seeds I believe it is just too long. I planted all of the seeds just in case some needed an extra day to get going, but I don't have high hopes. I expect I will only see four new corn pop up in the garden. Since that is the case I'm going to go ahead and soak and plant all the rest of the Johnny's treated corn seeds. Once whatever of that sprouts, I'll plant my Burpee seeds (untreated) and see what happens.

This brings to light something I've been ignoring for a while. I really need to use up all the seeds I have ASAP as they are getting older. I'll try to empty out my seed box in the next couple seasons and start with entirely new seeds sometime next year.


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