Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let the weeds be

I like weeds. In fact, I can't imagine my yard without them. Without "weeds," there would be none of this...

See. Weeds are lovely. This three leaf clover and the trumpet shaped purple flowers are called Oxalis. It's an escaped plant that can be found in part shade most of the year in Central Florida. This is my favorite little weed, and, in fact, you've probably seen the purple leafed variety at garden stores. It spreads and grows from small bulbs a couple inches down in sandy, well drained soil. I can't imagine a perfectly manicured lawn for me. I love taking a stroll through the yard and seeing what seasonal plants have popped up.

I incorporated a few sprigs of purple and white varieties of Sweet Alyssum into my vase along with the Oxalis. I just love this little ground cover plant. It smells just like honey, and bees love it.

So for now, if you see a weed, let it be and enjoy the variety it brings. Except for Spanish Needles. That stuff is the worst ;)



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