Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Newspaper Seed Pots

I finally got on board with newspaper seed pots and I'm so glad I did! These pots are free, plantable, and small. They also a great with handling excess moisture and allowing air flow to the soil.

To start, get two sheets of paper, these are mail flyer size, about 8"x11". I prefer the newspaper type, but I didn't have any of that available so I used the slightly glossy kind. It is still biodegradable and works well, but newsprint is better.

You will need a large spice container to form your pot around. Roll the spice container in the middle of the paper and overlap the edges about an inch.

Next fold the bottom edges of the newspaper into the middle of the container in three parts. Start with the overlapped edge. Think of folding the paper around a roll of quarters. If your paper isn't very wide, you may need to scooch your spice container down to give you enough room to fold the edges in well.

Next push the spice container out using the edges you just folded in, and pinch around the edges to make the bottom sturdy. It should look like a tiny bowl on the bottom of the pot.

Now, pull the spice container out, and set the pot right side up. Starting with the overlapped edge, fold the edges of the paper inside the pot about an inch. Use your fingers to straighten out this fold.

For a really sturdy pot, repeat this step for a double folded edge. And you are all done!

Fill it with seed starting mix and plant away. I tuck my pots inside a makeshift greenhouse made from a clear Rubbermaid bin.


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