Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Garden pt 1

So yesterday I buckled down and spent like four hours outside in the heat putting this bad boy together.

The grading of this back area is terrible and will need a lot of fill to get it even with the rest of the yard. That was going to be my work for this morning, but the game was called on account of rain. Yesterday was actually the first day in about two weeks that it didn't rain.

I'm hoping it dries up enough that I can at least spread the rest of the hay into the garden. I've decided to use the rest of it here since I have so much fill work that needs doing.

You can see here that I'm really going to need the extra fast drainage the hay will provide because of this inconvenient downspout. I'm also considering a rain chain here instead of a long gutter. I need the hubby's approval first, though.


I added nearly all the hay and the couple cubic feet of compost from my outside bin.



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