Friday, April 24, 2015

New Garden, pt 2

I bought eight 1cu.ft bags of store brand cow manure compost from Lowes and dumped them all in the garden this morning. I would like it noted that I don't currently have a wheelbarrow and had to walk each bag all the way around the shop. They were heavy. I'm tired.

After that, I got all my black pots in the 3gal size and began using them to sort dirt, weeds, and plants before putting them in the garden. There is about 6"-8" of compost and dirt from the previous garden. I'm happy to report there was lots of earthworm activity. All tiny, but present.

It was nice for the first hour and a half because the garden was still shaded. Unfortunately, the sun moved along and now my tomato plants are going to have to survive the transplant in full sun.

These are my two yellow pear cherry tomatoes. They are just beginning to set fruit. Hopefully won't experience to much setback from the move.

This is what I still have to work with after moving more than half the plants into the new garden. There are about half a doz mixed tomato plants, 4 sweet allysum, chamomile, four kale kale plants and I'm not sure what else.


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